Wedding Photographer in Boise, Idaho// Kendra Elise Photography

I love wedding photography! I love capturing couples’ burning desire for each other in a way that is authentic to you. I am interested in the honest moments of your day. I want you to feel comfortable and real in your photographs. I aim to pull at your heartstrings when you live the best day of your life over and over again through these timeless & romantic images. I want to show you just how much you are loved and in return love.

I hope that you see your true self in the images, that the real you is captured. I want you to look at these images and have your breath taken away! I crave the transcendent ability of photographs to transport you back to the beauty  and emotion of your wedding day.

It is important to me to make sure that your comfortable enough during the session that you can be yourself. I want you to feel so comfortable when I am around that you forget I am there. In that way, I can capture how you and your love really are.

I am interested in making the small details of your day, the ones that reflect your story as a couple just as important as the big I   L O V E   Y O U details! Every part of a wedding is a reflection of you, the one you love & all the people who are there celebrate the best day ever. So let’s show it off be it on a mountain top or in a garden, Love is Love!



F  .A.  Q

  Do you travel?

Yes I love to travel! In fact I travel for over 50% of my weddings each year. I frequently go to: Atlanta, Southern California, San Francisco, & Oregon.

It’s such a special opportunity to go to areas that are meaningful to my couples and I love including travel images into the wedding collection

 What are your travel fees?

Please email me where the wedding will be taking place & I will get back to you with a custom quote!

 How many images can we expect?

A typical wedding i deliver 300-500 images depending upon size of wedding, hours in your collection, & if there is a second shooter. your wedding day photographs will not suffer because I shoot film in fact you will receive images that are breathtaking & of highest quality.

 Can I share my photos to social media & or print them?

Of course! I love when couples share their beautiful wedding day with friends & family. I provide an online viewing gallery where guests can print high quality archival prints. On the thumb drive that is delivered to you I include high resolution photographs for your use.

 Can I see an example of a full wedding?

Yes absolutely, just ask & I will happily send along a full gallery.

 How will I receive my beautiful photographs?

I create an online viewing gallery to show the collection immediately! I deliver a custom thumb drive with all the wedding photographs from the online gallery along with a selection of high quality archival 4×5 prints in a heirloom box.

How long after my wedding will I see my images?

Weddings are finished within 5 weeks. Portrait & engagement sessions are finished within 2 weeks.

 Do you shoot film or digital?

Both! I am primarily a film photographer but depending upon lighting conditions & situations I will use digital. I process both of them to seamlessly flow together in your collection.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes I do. Please have deposit ready at time of booking & during that time we can discuss which payment options work best for you.

Let’s Chat about L I G H T

Ok, so I know that not everyone is a nerd about how light looks & as a newly engaged couple it’s probably the last thing on your mind BUT light is everything when it comes to photographs & outdoor ceremonies. Don’t be afraid to start your ceremony later in the day so sunlight isn’t directly in your eyes while saying your vows or plan for couple photos during the evening right before sunset in the summer months so we can achieve that beautiful even light. It will dramatically change everything–for the best!

Wedding vendors in Idaho that I love!

Wedding Florists: Rust and Thistle // Just So. Event Floral // Wildflower

Wedding Planners: Amanda Seaward // Ira + Lucy //

Wedding Venues: Redfish Lake // Trail Creek Cabin // Linen Building

MUA: Shawna Hines // MuahSalon // Blush

About M E !

 I grew up in Boise, Idaho. It’s the sleepy little town where I fell in love with photography. I went to school in Boston & lived in Atlanta, Ga for a few years. My favorite country I have visited is Nepal! I am married to the love of my life we happily live in the north end with our two adorable dogs. When I am not photographing weddings I can be found cycling or hiking in all the beautiful mountains of Idaho with my little family! I am terrified of skydiving & once cycled the ring road in Iceland 🙂