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Wedding Photographer’s Survival Kit



I’m sharing with you my wedding photographer’s survival kit. Don’t worry it’s totally manageable 🙂
I know how easy it is to abandon ourselves as soon as wedding season hits. I know how easy it is to reach for fast food, energy drinks, and pull all night editing sessions. But I am here to put an end to the self torture of us wedding photographers. Below I offer some simple and easy tips for surviving wedding season without forgetting to LOVE ourselves too!

  • Have a Ritual: I am a huge fan of self care rituals. You will find inside my travel bag a bath bomb and no matter the hour I will kick off my shoes from a long wedding day and pop in the bath. I just adore Lush bath bombs and have for over 10 years now. They make my skin so soft, relax and soothe my mind plus they smell amazing. I have found this simple but rewarding self care ritual to be a life saver in the middle of wedding season. I consistently give myself this little reward and I just love it!!
  • Get Good Sleep: Ah yes the biggest debate of human kind…sleep + how much we need! I am a firm believer that sleep dictates our day, how we feel about everything, our mood, our food choices! So getting a solid, restful 8 hours is upmost importance. Now obviously working late into the night does mess with our sleep cycle but the day we don’t have weddings, follow a strict bedtime. Power down on electronics, take a bath or read to ease yourself into sleep. Need further convincing? Read this book
  • Meditation: Now before you roll your eyes at me or think I’m using a 2019 buzzword, hear me out. I used to avoid meditation like it was taxes. I shivered at the thought of devoting 20 minutes a day to sitting still, ain’t no small business owner got time for that. Welp!! Make the damn time, because you owe it to your soul, your heart, your head to just be still. After a few months and the amazing Headspace App….I love to meditate. Along with making coffee in the morning it is my favorite part of starting the day. The Headspace App provides manageable 10, 15, or 20 minute guided meditations. Topics range from kindness to mindful eating! *ps definitely not getting paid for this, just passing along a helpful app*
  • Downtime: Yes I’m saying it. R-E-L-A-X. Schedule it if you have to but just do yourself the much needed kindness of a day off. Take yourself on a walk in the park, get lunch with a friend, enjoy a massage but don’t do a single bit of work. These times where social media is tricking us into “busy is beautiful” “busy is successful” nah that’s just a recipe for burn out. So go love on yourself with a day of just being in the present moment.
  • Wear Good Shoes: As a wedding photographer I am on my feet 8-15 hours a wedding. That is just back pain in the making!! So find some comfy supportive shoes to wear. I personally still find this one a gentle balancing act so I switch between insoles and dansko…aka old lady shoes. No shame here!
  • Hydrate!!: Carry around a water bottle during wedding days and pause to drink some water. Nothing is worse than waking up the next day with a wedding hangover from a long day of photographing -especially in Idaho’s hot summer sun-and no water.
  • Outsource: Got a long list of editing, taxes, social posting? Outsource!! Time is MONEY~

Hope you have enjoyed this post on wedding photographer’s survival kit.


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