I am normally not a very public person with my life. It’s not that I don’t want to include people, it’s just I have always been very private with my feelings and personal life. But I wanted to share a few images from when my husband and I got married 5 years ago at Redfish Lake Lodge in October. I’m a very simple lady, I wore no make up but my mothers turquoise bracelet, my grandmothers pearl necklace and a vintage inspired dress. I have always been and often times to a fault, myself. I wanted my wedding day to be a reflection of my husband and I but also those who I share my inner heart with. So we decided upon a weekend celebration in Stanley with my family from Idaho and Michigan and Blake’s family from Georgia (at the time their first visit to Idaho!) I absolutely adore fall and Redfish Lake Lodge holds special memories for me as a child. My biggest advice for couples is: follow your hearts! Do not listen to blogs, parents, friends on what Your wedding should be. Your wedding is for you and your love only, so enjoy the creative freedom!!


Art is expression of feelings, moments and our own perception of life! Don’t let anyone over make you doubt that!