Biggest Mistakes Brides Make

January 11, 2019

Helpful Tips

Biggest mistakes brides make on their wedding day

*DISCLAIMER: my intentions are for helping alleviate stress…NOT create more.*

  • Not scheduling pre-wedding day make up trial run–When this has happens it does create the timeline of a wedding to fall back because despite good communication and a pinterest board full of hair and make up ideas nothing compares to the real thing. Maybe the dark smokey eye you pinned just doesn’t quite mesh with your dress, or hair, uh-oh!! Asking your stylist to schedule a pre wedding day appointment is vital in streamlining the day + managing expectations.
  • Not trying on wedding dress prior to walking down the isle--Another little oversight is trying on your dress after you pick it up from the bridal shop but before saying i do. Hey..even I made this mistake! Thankfully I was able to find an alterations place that would take it in 2 days before my wedding but it was stressful!! No need to add extra stress, just periodically try it on! 🙂
  • Feeling like you have to wear heels–Over the years I have seen my lots of brides in pain over shoes. If you do not normally wear heels why do it? Your wedding day focus should be on feeling confident, beautiful, and relaxed! Try a wedge, kitten heel, or barefoot…there is no judgement from me.
  • Forgetting to enjoy yourself!–This my seem like a no brainer here but let me tell you, it’s so easy to forget to breathe, soak up the love, and just have fun. This is your wedding day so let’s live it up!! Dance, drink, cry, HUG!! I will be your gentle reminder to drink some water and savor a piece of cake!


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