Idaho Elopement Photography + Cost

September 5, 2018

Idaho Elopement Photography + Cost

I had to know what it would cost for an average elopement in Idaho. Elopement photography and cost breakdown are outlined below. As a Boise wedding photographer I have access to lots of amazing friends that are talented vendors. But to the average couple it can seem overwhelming to plan a wedding! So I did my homework and came up with this very rough price breakdown of an Idaho Elopement.

  • Location– We can all agree that if you are going to get eloped that location may just be the single most important decision (aside from amazing photography!)  Spend some time on this, maybe it’s a location that is special to you as a couple or a bucket list hike you have always wanted to do. Just know, I’m down for anything! 🙂 Once you have found your location make sure to see if you need a permit or not. Very important as a ticket on your wedding day can be a damper
  • Dress– I chose an ethically made wedding dress for this styled shoot. One of my favorite designers out of LA (Christy Dawn) now $900 is a lot of money for a wedding dress so I looked on eBay. Found the perfect size + lovely buttercream color for $100
  • Props- A quick stop to World Market made my little boho elopement complete. I purchased 4 velvet pillows, 2 celebratory drinks + that adorable basket for $169. This is a great chance to freshen up your living space with items you can reuse from your elopement!
  • Floral– Planned correctly you can hit the Saturday farmer’s market and score beautiful locally grown flowers. Cost $10-40 Then spend the evening with some girl friends or your partner to be + get creative! I was able to make the two small floral pieces within an hour. It was relaxing, fun + after the session you have some flowers to add to your coffee table!
  • Photographer– The best part!! What better way to capture an intimate celebration of love + fun than having your favorite photographer along for the journey. My elopement day coverage is $1500 for all elopements inside Idaho. If you are planning on traveling to a destination outside of Idaho, reach out!



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