Isle of Skye Elopement

May 5, 2018



Isle of Skye elopement with Mahlory and Theron on a chilly day in April. We awoke early and hiked Old Man Storr before the tourists began their day. It was cold, rainy, blustery wind as we walked the couple of miles to the towering rock point. We were all filled with nothing but smiles. In awe of Isle of Skye, it’s beauty, the way it makes you feel immensely small but ultimately connected to something larger than ourselves. I suppose that feeling for such a place is exactly the same way being in love feels. When we arrived at Old Man Storr the rain had stopped and fog slowly rolled in. It was quiet, peaceful and terribly romantic. Mahlory and Theron chose a rock to stand upon as their alter unbinding notebooks with handwritten vows in them and amongst the Scottish hills filled with morning dew they vowed to each other their love and devotion. Immediately after their vows, rain pattered on our heads and off we went running through the hills. Below is a mix of digital and film (when the rain let up) so please enjoy this beautiful Isle of Skye Elopement.

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Old Man Storr Wedding


Isle of Skye ElopementIsle of Skye Elopement

Isle of Skye Elopement


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