Super 8 Wedding Videos

As you may have guessed by now that I  love film! There is just so much joy in all things grainy, a tangible emotion. These beautiful wedding videos have been a dream of mine to create for years. Therefore, I am beyond elated to announce that I will be now offering Boise wedding videographer!! Let’s celebrate your modern love with a vintage twist.

Enjoy watching this romantic film shot last summer at Trail Creek Lodge in Sun Valley. If you’d like to see the full day take a second to check this blog post 

  • To view more sample videos just send me a quick email!

For Lovers Nostalgic & Dreaming in Sun Faded Hues

Once you start to know my heart you will quickly see my love for all things nostalgic and 60s. I grew up spending my summer in upper Michigan in my grandparents home complete with avocado colored shag carpet. It was like stepping back into a time capsule and I loved every moment of it. As I thumbed through thousands of my families shoe boxes full of photographs. I saw my mother long haired and 60s shift dresses, the lens flair and occasional out of focus photo. My heart ached to view the world around me with such romance and joyful color! My ever diligent grandma TaTa preserving her children’s youth in thousands of slides. It resonated with me and quickly became a cornerstone to my personality and my love for those vintage memories soon catapulted me into photography. And…yes…there was even a period of time where I grew out my leg hair, made my own soaps and thrifted all my 60s dresses. Later in my 20s I restored and drove around a 1969 VW Squareback… Dream in sunfaded hues my dear lovers for vintage feelings is here to stay