How To Take Relaxed and Romantic Getting Ready Photos

How To Take Relaxed and Romantic Getting Ready Photos

It doesn’t take much to get beautiful photographs that you can fall in love with for years to come. Just a few extra steps in planning before the big day can really help create some relaxed and romantic getting ready photos.

Step 1) Strip Down. Ok, now let’s get real removing yourself from the hustle and bustle of the day can really give you the headspace to enjoy the beauty you are about to partake in. So plan for your photographer and you to spend about 15 minutes capturing these romantic photographs. It can also create space for you and your fiancé to really soak it in together. All your hard work has paid off, Hell Yes!

Step 2) Keep it Simple. Sounds similar to step 1, huh? Well it’s because it is. Grab your favorite robe or t-shirt and jeans, toss your hair in a bun & let’s grab a quiet spot to get a few honest, authentic, and just pure love photos.

Step 3) Kiss! 

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