How To Pick Your Wedding Photographer

Helpful Tips

With so many choices out there I wanted to share some helpful pointers on how to pick your wedding photographer. Your photographer will be with you the most through out the day so it’s an important decision! One which should be given some decent thought. Secondly the photographer you chose should mesh well with your wedding day vision! So when browsing a photographer’s portfolio keep these simple pointers in mind.

Know your style

The most important question to ask yourself: What type of photography do you love? Spend some time on Instagram, Pinterest or Google. Save wedding specific images that you are drawn to. Choose photographs you could see yourself loving for a lifetime. Now once you’ve gathered 5-10 images are you noticing a pattern?

Are they mostly candids? posed? light + airy? classic? what about dark and moody? For reference I am a modern fine art photographer. This means I use natural light with classic poses. I purposely convey the natural beauty of my couples and their surroundings. I intentionally choice poses that are fun, relaxed and timelessly beautiful!!

Once you have figured this part out…now it’s time for some fun!

Write down your top 3 must haves

I found after 6 years of being a wedding photographer that couples have their top 3. No matter the budget or size of the wedding each couple who has booked with me has photography in their top 3 must haves. They are willing to make concessions to afford a photographer that fits inline with their overall wedding vision!

Reach out 9 to 12 months in advance!

Yes you have read that correctly. Book your photographer at the same time if not directly after booking your venue! Unlike a lot of other wedding vendors photographers are only available for 1 event per Saturday so it is very important to book us quickly!!

Do your personalities mix?

This may in fact seem like not a big deal. You may even be thinking to yourself you found a photographer with a style you love and within your budget..what else is there?! Well PERSONALITY!! Are you the type of bride/couple that wants to keep to a strict timeline? Are you more go with flow? Do you like to crack dad jokes and have a wild dance party? Does the thought of getting your photo taken make you a little nervous?

These may seem like goofy questions but they are important! For your wedding photographer is up close and personal for 8-12 hours of the day. They should make you feel stress free, BEAUTIFUL, and absolutely comfortable to be yourself. For when you are truly comfortable you will create beautiful, emotional photographs!!

For me and my approach to wedding photography I am a ZEN CLOUD! While I do indeed work my butt off and adhere to even the tightest timeline I do it all with a calm and stress free lots of happy laughing and smiles! For real ya’ll! I’m a Taurus 🙂 Countless couples have complimented me on how comfortable and beautiful I make them feel through out the day. This translates into the real honest and beautiful photographs I am honored to create for them.

Guests and parents even mention how easy going and stress free the formal photographs were! If you are working with a planner I even make them happy by sticking to my times!

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