Tips for natural posing on your wedding day

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Enjoy these simple tips for natural posing on your wedding day. The number one biggest worry i hear from couples is they are camera shy.
Couples share with me they are worried the photographs will turn about bad because they do not know to pose. I mean, who does?! Unless you are a model why would any one naturally know how to pose?
I start my big old goofy grin and say “DON’T WORRY!!” Making my couples feel beautiful, NATURAL, + damn fine in front of the camera is my job. It is my joy to reflect back onto you just how glowing and REAL your love is!!

  • I invest yearly on continuing my education on how to make your wedding day amazing! I invest in coaches, workshops and guides to help me train my posing muscles. This in return helps you feel confident therefore it takes the stress away knowing you have a photographer with 7+ years of knowledge.
  • Do not think of posing as well posing! I often tell my clients that I am more so guiding them into the perfect shape (pose) that works best for their chemistry, body shapes, + personalities. While yes I have to admit I have a ton of know how on posing I NEVER expect, force, or demand that my couples follow a “rule book” of posing. HOW BORING!! I read a couples natural chemistry, those love vibes, and then go from there!!
  • But as promised by my post name here a a few poses that can do no wrong. No matter the day, couple, light, nothing…can stand in the way of these tips for natural posing on your wedding day. 🙂
    I will happily squash any doubts you may have! Reach out 

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  1. TAKE A WALK– Not only does this create space for you and your partner to soak in all the love and hard work of a wedding day it also creates some killer long distance shots. Walking eases your stress, absorbs you in each other therefore that creates a beautiful relaxed photographs.

    2. WRAP YOUR ARMS AROUND EACH OTHER– This is a no-brainer huh, but some people forget when a camera is present. So grab your lover and forget the world!

    3. GET CLOSE– One of my favorites here is getting couples to get close! It often goes one of two ways, bursts of laughter or a romantic smooch. Either way it’s natural.
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