Top 5 reasons to hire a photographer with wedding experience

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March 30, 2020

I want to share with you some thoughts on the importance of hiring a professional wedding photographer. This is by no means to toot my own horn. I am simply offering up some food for thought on why hiring a professional wedding photographer is so important.

I will start with my own wedding woes. When we got married we were broke. We didn’t have much support financially from our families so at the time hiring a professional photographer was not an option. We went with a friend who had some experience with weddings. We paid for her flight, hotel, and food during our destination wedding but not much else. It took us six months, yes six months, to get our wedding photographs delivered. When we finally got a chance to view them I cried. Our intimate mountain wedding on a beautiful alpine lake looked like a crowded beach day. Random people in the background, no images of the stunning mountains behind us, absolutely heartbroken.

Top 5 reasons to hire a professional wedding photographer

  • I give a damn
    As a professional wedding photographer with many friends in the same field, I can confidently say we actually give a damn about YOUR wedding. I can’t even begin to count the hours I have talked with others about wedding photography. It is an all-consuming passion and devotion to making sure your photos are perfect.
  • I show up 100% devoted to you and your day
    When you book me as your photographer I am there for you throughout the entire wedding planning process. Not just on the day of your wedding. I create custom guides, timelines, and questionnaires to make sure your day goes smoothly.
  • I am constantly learning
    I attend workshops, conferences, take business courses every year to better my service to you.
  • I have professional gear
    I have spent well over 10k in camera gear. This is in no way to brag or say having cheap gear is bad. This is to say I am fully committed to my business as a professional wedding photographer. I am fully committed to preserving your legacy through photographs.
  • I have a legal contract and insurance
    This one may seem a little funny but oftentimes wedding venues require photographers to have insurance. I also have a legal contract that requires both of us to sign. Not only does it protect my business it also protects you. It outlines what you can expect from me upfront and clearly explained. You don’t have to worry about waiting months for your images like I did. You don’t have to wonder or stress about how your photographs will be delivered. You can feel confident in booking with me because I am fully transparent, hold myself to high standards of communication and want the absolute best for you and your photographs.

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HEY - I'm Kendra

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