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November 1, 2022

Kelsey & Patrick are one of the kindest, most gorgeous couples I know, and I was thrilled to shoot their Tucson Engagement Photos session! As soon as the couple informed me of their plans, I took a quick flight for a 24-hour trip on a weekday from Boise to Tucson. 

Tucson is one of my favorite cities that boasts amazing culture, delicious cuisine, and stunning views. We discussed everything in advance – from attire for the day to location and timing for the session; so it all went smoothly without any hassle. I have to say I had a pretty amazing day with them! The desert offered limitless beauty and wide open spaces, and we were overwhelmed by the unlimited possibilities to capture their story. 

We had spent a lovely time together; I really enjoyed getting to know them, and learning more about their personalities. And I can gladly say that Kelsey and Patrick are two of the most genuine and fun people I’ve ever met. I always tell my couple to include certain elements or places that carry a special meaning for them, and for the same reason, we decided to include different spots for Kelsey & Patrick’s Tucson engagement photos session. That‘s such a good way of reflecting on what you love and what matters to you the most. They were happy to show me their new home, and we started the day running around it, capturing their playful moments together. 

I loved every minute I spent with the couple as we visited several places they used to go on date nights. They wanted an urban feel for their engagement session, so we started with our session at a local brewery, Borderlands – which offered a delicious beer, by the way! We walked by Borderland Brewing, a fantastic place that offers tons of options both at the brewery and within a few blocks. After this, we headed towards the beautiful desert to capture some nature-inspired portraits of the couple amidst the picturesque setting. 

By the time they changed into their second outfit, they were nicely warmed up, getting more comfortable in front of my camera. As a Tucson wedding photographer, I think the gorgeous landscape provided the perfect scenery for our photoshoot; the shots we took looked like they came out straight from a magazine. We ran around the cactus-filled desert, spent some quality time together, and, of course, produced some pretty amazing photos. At the end of the session, I enjoyed the view of the sunset across the desert as I watched the warm glow lighting the peaks of mountains.

I usually consider it my job to ensure my couples have a great time during the photo session, but Kelsey & Patrick acted as the most gracious host to me, helping me create a masterpiece out of their Tucson engagement photos!

Looking to have beautiful destination Tucson engagement photos captured or planning to host a wedding in this city? Don’t hesitate to reach out! I would love to capture your special day filled with love and laughter.

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HEY - I'm Kendra

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