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HEY - I'm Kendra!

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June 1, 2023

When talking about their wedding day a sense of place, of home was such a huge factor for Elizabeth and Jeffery. So they decided to have their ceremony at the bride’s parents home in McCall, Idaho and reception at Shore Lodge. For me I knew incorporating the home in the photos was a must as it held such special memories to Elizabeth, her family, and now new memories with Jeffery.

After the ceremony we all went down to Shore Lodge for cocktail hour and reception. Despite the spotty bits of rain all the guests had a wonderful time enjoying drinks by the lake. Dinner was held in the upper ballroom which was filled with the warm glow of candles and lots of floral. Custom wine made by the bride’s aunt was given as a thank you gift. Tying in family throughout the day was apparent and the love for the couple was very noticeable! Everyone had a blast playing games and dancing the night away.

couple posing on dock of shore lodge wedding venue McCall Idaho

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HEY - I'm Kendra

Weddings are the one day everyone you love is all in one place. You are fully surrounded by so much joy, love, and support. Soak it all in and be in the moment. I will be there to capture it all!