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HEY - I'm Kendra!

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November 28, 2023

I’ve been doing super 8 wedding videography for a few years now. Seven to be exact and while the first few years sharing the idea to my photo couples wasn’t exactly the hot thing…now it’s on fire! I absolutely love being a super 8 wedding videographer and want to share with you a few tips for your experience.

The video is a highlight reel of the day so remember to just be in the moment and I will capture little memories throughout my time with you. Typically I shoot super 8 in tandem with photos so it’s a seamless flow of the day. I shoot 3 rolls of film which translates into roughly 12 minutes of raw footage. From there I edit down into a 5 minute video that fits the perfect song.

I deliver to my couples a beautifully edited highlight reel and what I like to call the “b” roll or raw footage that did not make the final cut. It’s a nice way to share the day both polished and raw.

Super 8 videos are silent so there’s no extravagant mic hook ups or set ups for reading vows or a letter all awkward in front of the camera…so don’t stress this isn’t going to be cringy. You will want to watch your video over and over again not hide it away!

Don’t stare into the camera…that’s just plain weird. Instead be yourself get consumed by your new partner and laugh, smile, happy cry! What I love most about shooting super 8 is that it’s a very natural organic process and really captures the emotional essence of a wedding. Somehow in the celluloid film it grabs hold of the romance and excitement to truly translate it into something magical.

I have shot almost 30 videos alongside photography coverage so if there is something I missed don’t hesitate to ask me! I am always down to chat film, video, and all things nostalgic.

I used to spend my childhood summers in Michigan going through my grandparents shoe boxes filled with old photos and videos. Surrounded by nostalgia the avocado green carpet + hand written notes  kind has turned into a passion for the grainy romance of the past. I truly enjoy sharing this unique offering with my couples. I hope that seeing the light flairs, soft focus and muted color palette makes you swoon as much as it does me! 

To see more of my video work please go HERE!!

super 8 wedding video still of getaway car decorated

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HEY - I'm Kendra

Weddings are the one day everyone you love is all in one place. You are fully surrounded by so much joy, love, and support. Soak it all in and be in the moment. I will be there to capture it all!