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November 28, 2023

Things to know about getting married at JT House. Let me just say that weddings at JT House Tucson are out of this world. The location couldn’t be more ideal with desert fully surrounding the property. The Posada it self is sprawling, perfectly curated, so cozy and inviting. The best place to host an intimate wedding celebration. It’s also beautiful in full sun, sunset, and moon light. Hands down my favorite venue in all of Tucson…you’ve been warned!!

Earlier this year I had the great joy of photographing a micro wedding in this cozy magical space. I had such a great time exploring the property with my couple and the whole day was very calm. Out of respect for my couple who have asked no photos of them to be posted please reach out if you’d like to see more from this amazing wedding day. The posada is a perfect venue for the low key but design loving couple.

It is technically available to rent a room and just enjoy the peaceful tranquility of the desert outside of any city noises. If you are wanting a wedding there please keep reading for a bit more information on the space and what I learned during my time there.

Wedding FAQ

  1. According to JT House website there is a 18 person max but only 14 can stay at the inn.
  2. You must book the entire posada for your micro wedding
  3. Ceremony locations are for the most part (unless you chose the garden) are in full sun. While this is amazing please consider your guests who will arrive and be seated early. I would plan for some hand fans or little shade coverings if you will be having a long ceremony.
  4. You are required to work with one of the two pre chosen wedding planners. I had the great pleasure of working with Konsider It Done and they were just amazing!!
  5. Getting there is a bit of a haul outside of Tucson so make sure your guests know to rent a car if they are coming from out of town.
  6. Lean into the desert aesthetic but consider a fun pop of color against the earth tones of the property and natural surroundings.
  7. There are so many amazing locations at the JT House for wedding photography so please plan for a longer cocktail hour and go explore. You won’t regret spending an extra 15 minutes with me capturing some beautiful portraits!
  8. Lastly I noticed that it’s very windy…it is the desert after all! So decor for ceremony and hair choices might need to be altered if wind isn’t really your vibe.
wedding photograph showing couple holding hands walking in the desert at sunset.
35mm film photo at night of the rooftop reception area of the JT House Tucson

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HEY - I'm Kendra

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